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Thread: missing post processor

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    Exclamation missing post processor

    I've just gotten my PRSstandard 96x48 up and running and i'm trying to cut my first part. When i go to save my tool paths from vcarve pro it says "no processors were loaded... Reinstalling the application should solve the problem"

    It didn't

    What do i do now? Help =)


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    Go here: C:\SbParts\PartWorksPosts and copy the ShopBot_TC_Inch post processor (and MM if you want it) - they will have a .pp extension. Then paste them here: C:\ProgramData\Vectric\VCarve Pro - Shopbot Edition\V7.5\PostP

    Then close & re-open VCP. You should now see them in the drop down list when you go to save a toolpath.

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    Default Thanks!

    That's just what I tried and I was coming back to post here to see if that was okay.

    A W E S O M E !!!!!

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