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Thread: Cutting Aluminum with 3d Software?

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    Can meshcam output .sbp or are you using the gcode emulator?

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    If you are talking about 3D relief carving in AL, yes, it can be done, no you aren't going to do it very well with PW3D. I don't have experience with MeshCAM, but my understanding is that it is geared towards metal milling, so there should be some toolpath strategies there to help you.

    The main point to understand is that you are working with a router & not a heavy milling machine. The router/spindle is not designed for heavy shock loads, so you'll want to adjust your VR and your toolpath strategy & speeds to avoid smacking the tool around. You may have more success with HSS than carbide since it is both sharper and tougher in terms of snapping.

    You may need to do several roughing toolpaths to leave only a little bit of material for your ball end tool to shave off. I would advise removing any ambient/scrap material from the perimeter which can be carved into by mistake depending on your machining boundary.'s a CNC router, not a milling machine. Too many of the hipsters today call these light machines mills in error. My mill weighs 4000 lbs. My DT only about 125 lbs. Light machine = light cuts. The lead nuts are plastic, BTW...

    Good luck - Post pics.

    Here's a nickel that Ryan Patterson made a few years back on the DT:

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