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Thread: Changing Spindle RPMs

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    Default Changing Spindle RPMs

    Good morning all,

    Just a quick question. While running a cut file, is there any way to change the spindle RPMs either during the cut without interrupting the process or is there a "command insert" that will change the spindle speed??

    I open the spindle speed control tool prior to cutting but once you start a cut file I am locked onto the "stop" button and can not move the mouse off of the stop button to open the spindle speed control. I know I can set the speeds per bit in the Vectric software PRIOR to making the cut file, and I know we can change the move and jog speeds by interupting the file and using the Insert Command Line function but is there a way to change spindle speeds without having to go all the way back to Vectric??

    Thanks in advance for sharing some of your extensive experience with a newbie!!
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    I change the speed directly on the VFD itself if I want to make an RPM change while a file is running.

    Never done but I would have thought you could change it on the spindle control window while the file is paused or insert a TR.
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    A TR command can't be passed with a Pause/Insert. You can try it, but it won't do anything. There used to be a Shift +/- keystroke that would sort of work, but it was removed because it sort of didn't work.

    Depending on your VFD, you might be able to remove the control portion and extend it to the gantry with a longer Cat5 cable.

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