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Thread: Tooling question for the experts

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    Default Tooling question for the experts

    Hey all,
    I have a new customer asking about cutting out 1/2" or 3/4" plywood parts with a 30 deg. edge angle. Has anyone seen a bit like a down spiral but with a 30 deg angle cut. I know I probably could cut it with a standard cutter and go back with a 30 deg V bit (if I could find a large enough one), but was wondering if anyone knew of a bit which would do it all in one? If it was possible to have one custom made, anyone see issues with the cutting forces? I have a PRS 9648 Alpha w/ 2.2 hp spindle.


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    Check Vortec. I have several of their insert bits and they are pricey but work very well.


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    Remove the bearing and cut the bearing stub off:
    you won't be able to straight plunge with it, but you can ramp into the cut. I have done this with a 45deg cutter. I just chucked it into the lathe and used a drill bit to remove the stub that the bearing mounts to.

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    Using a v-bit, you'd need a 60 degree, since they are spec'd by included angle. The 60 degree v-bit I got with the ShopBot Starter set is an Onsrud with 1" CED and 0.875" CEL, so is big enough to do it. I don't think I'd try the 3/4" material in a single pass, but it would probably be fine in the 1/2" material with your spindle. (Test first, of course)
    Ron Sloan

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    I'd cut the parts to size or slightly oversized first, leaving an onion skin, and then cut the bevels with something like an Amana RC-1108. This will give you the longest tool life, as plywood will dull tools pretty fast.

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