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Thread: Trouble turning spindle on

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    Default Trouble turning spindle on

    I write my Gcode using makercam which outputs a .nc file type. When I try to get this file to cut on the shopbot, it will go through all of the motions, but without turning the spindle on. I tried the Gcode converter within the shopbot software and ran into the same issue.

    Could anyone help me figure out what I need to add at the beginning of my files to get the spindle to turn on before attempting to cut?

    I have attached my example .sbp file for reference. Units are mm and spindle speed should be 14000.
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    Try a comma after the SO command, as in SO,1,1
    Ron Sloan

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    In your gcode, you can use M3/M5, but you must have line numbers in front of it, like N10, N20, N30.....

    For your SB code, your line should read as follow...SO,1, missed a (,) after the SO (at least here in your example). A PAUSE 3 after wouldn't hurt too to bring it up to speed. You can also manually add that to gcode to get the pause.

    (Ron finished typing before I did)

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    Default Are the C6 and C7 commands a viable alternative to SO,1,1 and SO,1,0?

    Quote Originally Posted by ssflyer View Post
    Try a comma after the SO command, as in SO,1,1
    I've been trying to get some G-Code from Fusion 360 to work and I see elsewhere in this forum that inserting the SO,1,1 seems to remedy the issue with a dead spindle. However, when I review previous successful toolpaths that I generated with VCarve I see that the C6 and C7 command were used instead to start and end the spindle routine. Is there a good reason for this distinction?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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