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Thread: Looking for Family Crest .eps or .dxf files

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    Default Looking for Family Crest .eps or .dxf files

    Does anyone know where I can get files for specific family crests? I need one for the last name "Williams" Any help would be appreciated.
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    I used

    Very helpful people who know a lot about the subject and they provide their files in vector rather than bitmap format which makes the toolpathing process so much easier.
    The answers to a lot of questions can be found at or

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    That's the real deal with coat of arms my sister in-law went to Ireland thinking she could could find a coat of arms I explained that here family came as peasants during the potato famine she corrected me said her family was noble well what can you do.
    Most family that came here had a hell of time for survival to come through that there hero's not some fake history that people on the internet are preying on

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