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Thread: Massachusetts?

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    Default Massachusetts?

    Are there any Shopbotters out there in Western Massachusetts? I'm a current Handibot owner and I am looking to cut some larger projects, namely a Wikihouse. Interested in a possible collaboration...

    Specifically I'm in Greenfield, right off of 91.

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    Hi Eric,
    Do you know about 100KGarages website? Hopefully there is a cnc fabber in your area!

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    Default Are you willing to travel?

    Hi Eric,
    I saw your post the other day and was waiting to see if you got a response from anyone nearby. According to my I-phone and Siri you are about 77 miles from me.
    I am in North Providence, RI, just off of RT 44. I would have a bunch of questions about how this would all work out, but no sense getting into it now if I am too far away. I have a PRS Alpha 96 x 48 with vacuum hold down and dust collection. There is a Lowes less than 10 minutes from me should you decide to get material there.

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