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Thread: Viewing pics on this forum...

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    Default Viewing pics on this forum...

    When I click on a photo posted on this forum I usually have to wait a few seconds, close the window that popped up, and then click to open the photo again to see it. It always works quickly on the second try and this is the only forum I have seen that does it. Is there anything I am doing wrong or do others have this same issue?

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    No john… you’re not doing anything wrong! This has been talked about many times, and is apparently a IE issue. I’ve gotten so I don’t even think about it and just click through the photos and then go back and view them.

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    It's actually a vBulletin issue with the way it detects IE11.

    It seems an issue with the old doctype declaration on the forum site and browser detection. It has been reported in the vBulletin forums, also.

    BTW, vBulletin is up to version 5 - this forum is version 3.8.4, which was released in 2009. There is a fix posted on the vBulletin forum, but maybe it's getting time for ShopBot to upgrade, so the site actually works with all modern browsers?

    Interim fix - use another browser...
    Ron Sloan

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    Its similar on the iPad but it has a terrific advantage in that you just press on the pic to save it - takes milliseconds. Gives a beautifully accessible resource.
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