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Thread: Vacuum Fixtures

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    I've ordered a 12" x 48" HDPE and the Vacuum Pump that joeswoodworking site has along with various accessories. I am trying to decide if I want to make the last foot on my bot a dedicated area for my vacuum since I won't be needing the whole table. I really have very few plans on using a full sheet of plywood and when I do I can keep the cuts to 6-7' of it. I will set it up for a 4 station system but will probably only use 2 at a time. I have no issues doing cuts with an onion skin as I have a 24" dual drum sander to clean the last bit up and with tabs the smaller pieces won't just fall out. I will post my progress and final setup for anyone that is interested. Thanks for all of your suggestions.
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    Interested Joe, post pics and results please
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    Yes Joe that is the stuff. I route a groove for it .325 deep with a .375 ball nose bit and the vacuum will pull the last .050 down flush with the fixture. Cut the gasket a little long and square, compress it into the groove and the butt jointed end doesn't have to be glued. BOB

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