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Thread: Milled Boxes

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    Scott, Go thinner if you can. The gasket will compress with use and can vary your z. so go as thin as you can and still make a seal. I am using 1/16th inch that comes by the foot in 12 inches wide. It seals just fine with a joined piece of wood. The only issue I've had has been that some woods will lose vacuum right through the wood. If this happens I use clear packing tape on the bottom of the piece. Seems crazy, but it does work. Wouldn't trust it to any heavy cuts though.


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    Thanks David, Must've forgotten to calibrate my eyeball the morning
    Just calipered the stuff George gave me and it's close to .05" with the paper on(tough stuff to measure accurately).
    Yeah, tried that trick when I cut cork as I was pretty sure it wouldn't come off carpet tape in one piece--used 2"painters tape and it was Almost the right tack, but a little more tack would be better and packing tape just might do the trick Thanks.
    Main use to start would be buttons out of .25" stock surfaced down to .185-.22", but people seem to prefer the denser exotics and only domestics using so far are Cherry,Hard Maple, and B. Walnut so maybe I'm all set(he said). Think George gave me this thickness because the thin stock can cup 3/32" in 4" even though it's clamped as soon as I get it from Ocooch. Little 3cfm oil-spewer might have had something to do with it also
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    Quote Originally Posted by feinddj View Post
    ... My Mom keeps her hearing aids in hers.

    Magnets are from K&J magnetics and are .375 by .1 deep. Just have to pay attention to the polarity as you install.

    These look great. Just a FYI "strong" magnets close to hearing aids might not be such a great idea.

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