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Thread: Working with Sketch-up

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    Default Working with Sketch-up

    One of my business partners is trying to send us files from Sketch-up and we keep running into problems. We tried loading a .stl into Millwizard which gave us a 10-14 hr cut time for a simple cutout. We tried loading the other formats into Artcam and couldn't get them to import correctly. Is there an easier way to port a design over from Sketch-up to Artcam or directly to Shopbot?

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    If it is just a 2d cut have them export a dfx. Not an stl.
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    Your client can send you the actual .skp file and it will import directly into Vectric for easy, quick setup. Oops, you didn't list Vectric as your CAM software, but don't all SBs come with Vectric?!?!
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