The thread on feed/speeds was closed and my point was taken incorrectly.

My point was surely it's better to have one thread about machining ali where people can add a question on if they're not sure about something or it's not covered than 20 plus threads with the info scattered around the place?

It's not a matter of me not wanting to read those posts (the amount of time I spend helping people on the Vectric forum should prove that) but about making better use of this resource for the people coming into the industry/hobby.

What the forum needs, I feel, is sticky threads with the most common topics at the top.

It's got to better for beginners to be able to come to the forum and see threads at the top with subjects such as "Feed/speed for metals", "Problems with Z-Zero", "Recommended bits and suppliers" etc etc with the knowledge they need there rather than spread all over the place?