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Thread: Materials "quick start" guide? :)

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    Default Materials "quick start" guide? :)

    We've been having a great time getting started with our SP desktop, and have finished a couple of projects now. Great fun! and not hear as scary a learning process as we first thought - bty Thanks TJ for all those videos!!

    I'm realizing now, I need to get up to speed on basic materials options and WHERE in the heck to you buy this stuff??

    I found some hardwood suppliers that are willing to work with schools in town (thanks to the Woodworker's Association), but I'm not even sure how to begin with non-natural materials like PVC, PB, and the like. (Yes, I've lurked the sign forums a bit.)

    And is that what white/blue SP seems to use a lot in their workshops??

    All that to say, is there some type of "quick start" guide to "basic material supplies and buying?" for a group like us just starting?

    Thanks!~ Les

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    Default Try Google

    Try Google, or simply search the SB forum.

    Or visit a sign or cabinet shop in Little Rock somewhere. The parent of someone at the school probably works at one of these shops.
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    When starting, I found local cabinet shops to be a great resource. Make them a simple sample plaque or sign, with their logo, and get everything from cutoffs to corian! It can also increase your business, when they start selling upgrades for custom cabinets!
    Ron Sloan

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    Thanks for the tips - going to use them!

    I found these to websites really helpful, one for explaining types and kinds of hardwoods, the other for plastics and the like.

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