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Thread: Warm up spindle quesstion

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    Default Warm up spindle quesstion

    I have a spindle 4 x 8 SB table and i know i have to warm up before used it for 10 min, but after i used when i have to warm up again in the same day? how long the spindle take to cool off.

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    In Miami? I would think that you would warm up one time a day. Others may interject a different opinion ( and that's what my response is: My opinion.)

    The object is to rotate the spindle and get it warm before you begin putting side loads on the bit ( which gets transferred to the bearings of the spindle). You are not going to be working in a cold chop area where the spindle will go back to a "resting temperature" nor that whatever lube is in their bearings will get the opportunity to "settle"... so my opinion would be that you run the warm up routine and start into cutting.

    It would be like warming up a high performance engine. If you warm it in the morning before starting a drive to work or what-have-you. You do not normally warm it up again after stopping to eat a meal at a restaurant- even if the meal took 2-3 hours, right?

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    If you read the manufacturers manual that came with my Colombo 5hp spindle, it says "The procedure described in the warm up table refers to the unit daily operation and start-up as any time the spindle cools down to room temperature." So a lot is dependent on the room your machine is located in. Those in New England or Michigan have very different issues than you and I in Florida and Arizona. I assume other spindle manufacturers recommend something similar.

    Accepted scientific practice is that room temperature is 23°C or about 73.4°F. I want to avoid having to repair or replace my spindle for as long as possible since they are so expensive. Therefore I am working on a thermocouple monitoring setup that will show a digital readout of the spindle surface temperature. I'll post info after I get it working.

    Alternatively, a handheld thermal imaging gun could be used.


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    For Desktops with small spindle, I know TJ says about 3 hrs is the limit before having to do warm up again.
    If I've gone on off on a tangent for 2 hours and know my next cut will 2 hours with a .25"engraving at 17K or whatever, I'll give it a three minute shot at 15K and 2-3 at the actual RPM. Overly cautious in a 55-65F shop, but can't afford a new spindle so I baby it.
    Just tossed it in for Desktoppers searching.
    scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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