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Thread: Patch for VCarvePro ShopBot Edition v8

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    Thanks to the e-mail from Joe this morning...control computer is running VCPSopbot edition 8.024 now
    His suggestion to take VCP8.024 edition on laptop/copy to thumbdrive/ and copy/replace my 8.014 worked a charm.
    For some reason I did have to delete the shortcut on desktop and make a new shortcut.
    Also (again I don't know why) I had to copy past the 8.024 patch into the Win32 folder for it to show 8.024 in the about tab .
    Thanks SO much for the suggestions and e-mail Joe!!!
    Scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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    Thanks and always happy to return the favor, many have helped me and I will always try to return the good deed whenever I can....

    2005 PRT Alpha 48x96
    2013 Colombo 3hp spindle
    Indexer (converted lathe)
    Aspire 9.0

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