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Thread: X2 motor turns freely

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    Default X2 motor turns freely

    While cutting some letters today I noticed what I call "Chatter"on the edge of a few letters. I know this tends to happen when something is lose that should be tight. After trouble trouble shooting I found the gantry would would wiggle in the X direction but only on the side with the X2 motor. The X1 was tight. I disengaged both the X1 and X2 motors. I could turn the shaft of the X2 motor by hand; but the x1 is rock solid. I have to assume the "Chatter" on the parts is due to the lose X2. First, can someone confirm my diagonalize at least "smells" correct, or should one of the X motors be free spinning? If correct, anyone have an idea how to address? Is the motor shot? Motor is Model: A6497-9412KTG. Vextra brand. Thanks in advance.

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    Not exactly the answer you're hoping for, but my Y motor has dropped out a couple of times (was spinning freely). Fortunately, rebooting the control box made the problem go away. Might have had something to do with static, but I never found any proof. At least this is something you could quickly try if you haven't already thought of it. I can't remember if I let the motor cool down first or not (hasn't happened since I rerouted the ground on my dust collection).

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    Default Figured it out

    I disengaged the two X motors and swapped the lines at the control box. Then X2 was working and X1 was not so I knew the motor and lines were fine. The issue had to be in the control box. I started with a good cleaning of the contacts and that seems to have corrected the issue.

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