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Thread: PVC Sign and Paint Question.

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    Default PVC Sign and Paint Question.

    First Hello to everyone and thank you for taking time to answer my question. An owner of a sign company need me to cut out a PVC 8" X 12", 3/4 in. He also needs it panted a pantone color of 3308 Green.

    1. how do i charge for this job and future jobs like this? I will be
    supplying everything.

    2. What brand paint is best for Priming and painting PVC?

    3. What brand can I use to get pantone 3308 Green?

    4. what spray gun should i use?

    Also I asked for out door PVC and I'm used to Regular PVC (DURA_FOAM) and got a 1" PVC board with a thick glossy coating around it.

    1. Can I V-Carve this, if so What Speeds, Feed, and Plunge rate
    should i use?

    2.Does this have to be primed and painted like the PVC

    Thank you so much for all your help.
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    i use this site and cross reference Pantone to one shot or acrylic latex. Also go to auto paint supply and have spray cans mixed sometimes. My experience is to just use pvc from sign suppliers. Had bad exp with pvc for builders from bldrs supply. Warped/wilted badly in sun.
    Pvc is paint friendly. I may not understand. Are you just doing one small piece? Not clear on quantity or what you are routing.

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    We use a lot of foamed pvc down here in Florida both inside and outside. Our preferred vendor stocks a product called Komatex comes in 4 x 8 sheets in 1/8 to 1 in thick in about 8 colors or so. Easy to work and very stable in the sun unless its black. As far as painting we prime with product called Grip-Flex it is a clear sign paint primer then mix our own colors using Rosce paints and tints which is an acrylic latex base spray or roll.

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    Thank you very much for your help

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