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Thread: Finally getting this Facebook thing going...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry_stanek View Post
    What does social media have to do with business? I think a good web site would be a better choice to show off your product or abilities

    About 20 years ago a similar quote would be "What does a web site have to do with business? I think a good yellow page ad would be a better choice to show off your product or abilities."

    Times change. Right now social media is a huge driver of business. It gives the appearance of word of mouth when person A likes/shares a post/tweet/whatever, and all their friends see it.

    About 2 months ago, I friended a sign maker on Facebook, she makes those small motivational signs, really basic stuff, probable way below what most here deal with. She posts pictures of her signs when she sells them, and tags the buyers, which often causes the buyer's Facebook friends to see the post. Quite often she'll get 2 or 3 additional orders of that sign by those posts. This is her sole method of marketing, and she has more business than she can handle at times.

    Now this kind of success may not translate to everyone and their products. Joe's skill and market approach of larger site signs (I believe that is what you focus on in your business) may not translate into a product that sells / markets well on Facebook. But it is a good place to post a record of what you've done and can do, and easy way to tell potential clients "check me out on Facebook to see what I can do."
    Daniel E.
    ShopBot PRS 48x96 (2010 Model)
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    What I do when I don't mess up wood:

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe View Post

    Thank you for your advice.

    Please give us a link to your web address or tell us how you use the CNC. What kind of product do you make?

    Joe Crumley
    We manufacture skateboards under our own brand as well as contract manufacturing for other brands. We focus on the very high end of the market, exotic materials, and customized products. The shopbot is used for the cutting of moulds for lamination, as well as drilling, cutting and engraving the skateboards.

    We do any type of work which involves bent wood lamination.
    As a job shop we cut resin casting moulds, thermo-form moulds, jigs, templates and some simple injection-moulding moulds out of aluminum. Basic machining of aluminum parts, signage, trophies, furniture, anything which comes in the door.

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    VERY nice stuff A. !
    Sold Boards(basic) and bikes in 80's and had forgotten the lingo
    Love the lam's and wood boards.
    "Unicorn Hair" is that a clear kevlar build us kayakers call a "Straw Job"?
    Worked moldmaking in the '70's....finicky perfect work only.
    Glad I only do 'glas repairs on my own boats now.
    Good Stuff!
    Oh, Thanks for the Wix tip. It's what we wound up using.
    scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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