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Thread: Shopbot PRT Standard Ballpark Value

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    Default Shopbot PRT Standard Ballpark Value

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to start off by saying these forums are amazing, so much information for someone such as myself looking to join the CNC world. I've been watching Craigslist and this forum for several months now looking for a used bot for some custom sign and trim molding work I do on the side (Im an electrian). Right now I do everything manually but can see how a bot would really help me out once I learn to use it. I don't have any CNC experience but use CAD software almost daily (so I do realize there is going to be a steep learning curve). My budget is 5-10K. What I'm looking for here is a ballpark value given the following information (which is all I have so far). I realize value can be very subjective, but I'm looking to put a money value on the parts so I can assess what may need to be upgraded and ballpark that cost as well.

    - Asking price is $8500
    - 2002 Shopbot PRT Standard with control panel
    - No 4G upgrade
    - Operating software (Part wizard and shopbot control)
    - Total cutting bed size 48"x 96" Overall size 80"x 120"
    - Includes vacuum bed
    - 2 independent Z plungers
    Z1: Porter Cable router variable speed up to 21,000 RPM
    Z2: Milwaukee Drill
    - Dust collection: Wet/Dry Shopvac
    - Purchased new Apr 20 2002
    - Used for a business mainly cutting plastics and acrylics

    Hopefully between the information above and the pictures, someone can see more or less what is included. For a 13 year old machine, $8500 seems steep as I have seen newer PRS alphas go for around the same money. That being said, there have been upgrades to the z-axis, but from a functional standpoint I'm not sure it adds much value for me personally.

    If you guys could pass along your thoughts on this it would be very much appreciated. I cannot come to a consensus after a lot of research.

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    That seems high for it even with the 4g upgrade that would still be on the high side. Check out the for sale wanted section here.

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    That was right around 10k when new.

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    I would say that is about 5k for a non upgraded prt. For 10 you may be able to find a prs std (newer generation)

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    Thanks for the information guys, very helpful. I will continue to be patient.

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    You can often sweeten the deal if you include setup, delivery and/or training to a new user - provided that you are confident enough to offer such services.

    High Definition 3D Laser Scanning Services - Advanced ShopBot CNC Training and Consultation - Vectric Custom Video Training

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    I paid 6200 for my 2003 prt 48x96 single z kit, I built my own table. Too bad that option is no more but I can see why, with no control over table quality and customer issues. The table cost me around 250 in materials and a day to make it .

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