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Thread: Old school ADA Sign fabrication

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    Default Old school ADA Sign fabrication

    I used my bot to cut the 8"x8" rounded corner blanks out of 1/4" clear acrylic (customer supplied).

    My New Hermes Vanguard 3400 took over from there. Had my cnc engraver before I was able to afford my bot. I have had the license from Accent Sign Systems to do raster braille back when they sold a fish pump as the braille loading device....LMAO

    I have three of them. Funny thing is I don't use this old machine any more because I lost the nich I was in. I can make an ADA sign as good as the best out there......Oh, as a last footnote I also used to make my own photopolymer ADA signs in house too. The key to painting your own photopolyer ADA Signs is simple.....Mathews Paint

    PS. The colors were what they wanted. Sample pending a 75 sign order.

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    Before you make 75 ADA signs that want pass inspection,you may want to review the ADA signage guidelines...

    Here is what I observed in your posted pics:

    1) The surface of the sign must be non-glare,it should be matte (eggshell)

    You can use the acrylic but it needs to be painted on the frontside not the backside with matte paint,then apply the white applique on top of the painted surface. The only problem with this is that it scratches easy.

    2) The Braille translation for T-101 shown on your computer screen is not correct

    3) For whatever reason,the braille translation on your completed sign is not correct for T-101 nor does it match what was generated on your computer screen

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    Thanks printme33,

    This customer speced out the colors. I am just the machine shop. I make what they asked for. As for the Braille translation I will have to double check. But I am the original owner of this machine and have used the new Hermes grade 2 Braille translation from the beginning so maybe you are wrong?

    Welcome to the forum, what SB do you own?


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    Great news. Job approved. This is for one of my repeat customers. The price is $50 per sign. 75 Total= $3750 I will provide double sided foam tape for installation. They can handle the install.

    I did inform the customer of nonglare. Its their building and I did what they wanted, while keeping them informed of compliance.

    I have been in hospitals that the ADA signs were not compliant to the current laws.

    This is a excellent money maker job. I have $481 in material. Acrylic, vinyl, ADA Aplique, clear braille beads, DS Faom Tape

    $3750-$481=$3268 left for labor and profit

    I will complete this job myself in various stages in about 12 hours.
    That is $272 per hr. But these jobs just don't come my way any more, this was just out of left field.

    However, to anyone out there considering getting into making ADA signs, its very profitable as long as you have people ordering them....but ain't that just with any products.


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    I have to concur with the new guy, the translation looks to be wrong and missing some aspects, and definitely non-glare for your acrylic if you're using a colored background behind.

    ADA plaques are GREAT money (low competition) and have done quite a bit in the past, and I did it all on my 4x8 table which I dialed in pretty good but would rather have had a small engraver to mix in.

    Congrats on your award of the job!
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