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Thread: Stencil material or vinyl cutting?

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    Default Stencil material or vinyl cutting?

    I work for a relatively large company and I am being asked to periodically make stencils to mark our parts at other campuses around the country.

    I need a material that is durable enough to be cut on the shopbot with either a drag knife or anything from a 1/16th to 1/8th bit. '

    Does anybody have any experience cutting stuff like this?

    Or can you accurately cut vinyl on the shopbot?

    I have PRS Alpha (96x48) and a Desktop (18x24)

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    You can use card board (flat, not corrugated) and cut with a drag knife and also 1/8" PVC which is pretty cheap and more durable which I would cut with a bit (1/4" o-flute works well).
    Cutting vinyl can be a pain due to holddown issues and keeping it flat. You would likely have to add at least a pressure foot (Sold by SB and/or Donek).
    Fellers ( a national sign supply company) also sells Paint mask vinyl of various types that you may want to speak with them about.
    If I wanted to keep it simple I would just use cardboard.

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    I asked this question the other day on another forum. PVC, aluminum, polycarbonate, and polystyrene are the 4 materials that were recommended to me.

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    Cutting vinyl is no problem. See the Vectric video on this page:

    I believe most of our customers are drag knifing permanent stencils from 0.03 polycarbonate.

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    I use masonite, its cheap and lasts a long time.
    Winnipesaukee Manufacturing

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