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Thread: Moving a 48x96 PRS with minimal disassembly

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    Default Moving a 48x96 PRS with minimal disassembly

    I am looking for any advice on moving a 48x96 PRS. I need to move about half a mile from one end of our small town to the other side. When I originally researched buying a shopbot I recall seeing posts about moving a shopbot. I would like to do minimal disassembly if possible. First off I understand how fragile this machine is and know I will be recalibrating and balancing her once I get to the new shop. I assembled and calibrated her on my own and will be under a tight time frame to move the shop and get everything back up and running. Is it advisable to move without disassembling or would it be worth my time and effort to be safe and take her apart. Thank you all for any help/advice you can share.

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    Search these 2 keywords: move trailer

    You'll get plenty of ideas.

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    I moved mine from Atlanta, GA to Raleigh, NC. lift up and put on 4 dollies on each corner, wheel it into an enclosed trailer (you could use an open trailer for a short move) and then wheel it back out when done. Took 4 guys to lift and put on dollies, so hopefully you'll have some help.

    Only disassembly I did was unhook motors and strap Y axis so it didn't move.

    First one I bought came on the back of an open trailer from about 8 miles away, moved it into garage the same way as the one I gut from Atlanta. When I sold that one, buyer picked up on open trailer and moved it about 10 miles. They lifted it up about 4 feet into the warehouse tractor trailer door, and then hooked it up and had it running in under an hour from pulling out my driveway.
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    I have moved mine by simply using extended forks on a forklift and lifting from the end under the table supports several times. I clamp the gantry so it doesn't slide around and it goes right into a typical 16' rental truck.

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    I have moved two of them halfway across the US. I would leave the table, itself, fully assembled. I would remove the gantry to you don't get the bouncing of the gantry on a single point on your rails while going down the road. just turn it 90 degrees and lay it gently on the bed of the machine. you can leave your wiring hooked up. Move it, unload and set it into position.... re-set your gantry and do a C3 after hooking it up.... then you will need to do some test cuts to see that she is still happy- or how much tweaking she might want/need. - as you can see there are a few different schools of thought on this. Now you need to make up YOUR mind... best of luck on it.

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