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Thread: crv files can no longer be opened by older versions

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    Default crv files can no longer be opened by older versions

    Just as an FYI, I was attempting to assist a member by sharing a file, he has VcarvePro7.5. He was unable to open my crv file so finally I fired off an email to Vectric concerning this (I have 8.024, doesn't matter if it is VcarvePro or Aspire, I tried both) and this is the reply:

    Hello Joe,
    You will not be able to save a CRV file that they could open, I am afraid, but you would be able to export out any vectors as a DXF file (Ctrl +A to select all the vectors).
    "File > Export > Selected Vectors to DXF"
    I hope that this helps.
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    Yes. You cannot open a v8 file if you are only running v7.5.

    However, you can open a v7.5, if you have v8. This is how it's been since the beginning.

    As Mark points out, select the vectors and export them as an EPS or DXF. Then he can import them into his version. You won't be able to transfer the toolpaths, but that usually isn't a big deal.

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    Too bad... Lots of graphics programs let you "save as" older versions.

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    This isn't something new, and it certainly isn't an Aspire exclusive.
    The way they've handled it is pretty much an industry-wide standard.

    Heck, in many instances, new platforms aren't backwards compatible at all.

    I was aware of this right out the gate because the free projects Vectric posts are always done in the latest software.
    So I won't be able to grab any of those freebies anymore.

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