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    If I've set up part zero, what command do I issue to go to table zero?

    I have a 48X48 table and the value carried in the Y axis is only 46.523 inches. How do I re-configure the software to reflect this change? Is there a settings file?

    I've worked around the above issues but now I have some time to spend to solve the above questions.

    Thanks in advance to those knowledgeable shopbotters help.


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    Chuck up a v-bit and move it to logical 0,0 - this would be the bottom left corner of the table. Manually zero them out using the ZX and ZY commands.

    Then run TS and follow the instructions. This will automatically write the distances from indicated X & Y 0 (that you just set manually) and the prox switch targets to the my_variables.sbc file. You can edit these manually, but it is just easier to use TS.

    When you turn on the machine, it is customary to run C3, which will run XYZero.sbp - it will run the routine touching off of the prox targets and park itself at the 0,0 you indicated. When you run TS, mic your ZZero plate and enter in the proper thickness. Then when you change a tool or before running a file, run C2 to Zzero the Z using the plate.

    All of this info should be somewhere in ShopBot Docs along with other helpful tips for new users.

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