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Thread: How big a hold down will a 1 HP blower support?

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    Default How big a hold down will a 1 HP blower support?

    I never do large sheets of plywood so I am thinking of making a smaller hold down that will be mounted on the bed of my tabletop or on the spoilboard of my Buddy.

    If I get a 1 HP regenerative blower, which is about the largest that I can use on a single phase system, how much area should I be able to hold down reliably?

    Also what vacuum setting will provide decent clamping?

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    Horsepower means next to nothing & gives no indication of a blower's performance. They make 10hp blowers that have good airflow and horrible suction. They also make 10hp blowers with great CFM & suction (SB has single phase 10hp BTW). So without knowing CFM and Hg" of the pump, the hp figure is useless.

    For a BT32 or 48, a single Fein Turbo III or similar high performance shopvac is adequate, or build a Lighthouse setup yourself....or a Hurricane or SB sells the new cube vac thing.

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