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Thread: Question for lighted acrylic guys

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    Default Question for lighted acrylic guys

    Has anyone ever painted acrylic before final machining to give the piece more of a neon or round bulb sign type of look or something similar when used in combination with the LED strip at the bottom I was thinking about cutting out a "Merry Christmas" in acrylic, painting it red, and then machining out some circles the effectively look like light bulbs.

    If that could work, I have some other ideas based on that's technique. It seems like it would be neater and easier than using strip lights, especially on smaller pieces.

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    I have extensively painted plexiglas, can be very straight forward, or there can be major pitfalls. Here is a long thread dedicated to the subject if you wish to pursue

    Basically, there is no problem painting plexi then etching a design in it ,,, The etch can then be left clear or painted another color. Sometimes [actually, usually] the machined areas are not as clear as you'd like, and trying to remedy that is where problems can start. I have been through alot of trial & error with this and feel that I have almost mastered the situation.

    Be advised, painted plexi doesn't light up all that great, the paint seems to soak up alot of light transmission. Don't expect it to be glowing red.

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