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Thread: Does anyone have a step-by-step

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    Hi Jay,
    Yes, I would be interested in receiving a copy for review.

    Check my email on my profile..



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    To ALL teachers/administrators/, etc.
    As some of you know, we have been trying to figure out a way to 'standardize'a basic Shopbot curriculum which could be used as an aid for both students and staff. The major limitation we have run into is that there really is NO "universal" curriculum out there that would incorporate the variety of ways the Shopbot is currently being used.
    We have people in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities all trying to incorporate the machine into pre existing guidelines. In some instances the tool is used in vocational programs. While in other facilities it is used as a teaching tool for computer/CAD/CAM/engineering classes. There are even art departments creating products for their applications as well.
    SO we have all of the above varieties of implementation, as well as the fact that not everyone has the same software on hand. Couple this with the fact that in numerous cases the teacher in charge is dealing with CNC technology
    for the first time, and you can start to see why we're not having an easy time creating a "universal recipe" for everyone.
    Some teachers such as Jay, have posted their teaching plans for public use. I know that there are many more people who have also created something which would probably benefit others as well. So I am proposing that if you DO have ANY "lesson plans", project plans, curriculum guides, etc. you submit them to me/us, and we'll make them available for anyone who needs something to get started with.
    This request also goes out to those in industry who have similar issues in training their new staff members as well. While the general concepts are the same, it's the method and level of delivery that usually needs to be "custom fit" for each group. It can be something as simple as a single plan for a small project, everything will help us build a resource we can keep adding to. And obviously with more of us working on this, we can spread the load more evenly.
    We have even toyed with the idea of a specialized "teacher's Camp" where we spend ALL of our time
    working on ways to make the process more accessible for everyone ( here again we'd have to either find one central location, OR do this on a regional basis the way we now handle our Camps). Another option is to do it a day before a regional Camp so people can get double duty for their time/travel.
    If anyone has other ideas of ways to further this concept please chime in ! If you have any specific questions you might want to ask,or suggestions that you want to present offline,you can reach me at;
    I think we have enough of a track record out there in the schools to show how the machine is a valuable teaching aid. Now we just need a way to take things to the next level....

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    I think the ShopBot Wiki could be put to good use here.

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