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Thread: My shopbot made it on live t.v.!

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    Default My shopbot made it on live t.v.!

    Our school won the Cool Schools competition that a local news show has and they rewarded us with 7 live segments. Our principle gave my class 2 of the segments. The first was covering video productions and the second covered the cnc/autocad classes. The shopbot has created quite the buzz in our school district. I received a ton of emails after the shot from people in the district I didn't even know. It has been a challenge in Ohio to establish Technology Education as a needed curriculum, and I hope little things like this will help. Here is a link to that segment:

    I want to give a huge thanks to the following people:
    1. Joel Schuman who sold me the machine at a wonderful price last Spring and was a most gracious host.
    2. Ed Harral for letting me visit his school in SW Missouri and giving me all the time I needed to see how he used his shopbot in his class.
    3. Ari Krupnik who created the mosaic which is featured in the piece.

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    That's really cool.

    Andy B.

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    Glad to see you are getting great press! Please keep in touch and I will always help if I can
    Ed Harrall

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