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Thread: Shopbot Wiki page !!!

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    Default Shopbot Wiki page !!!

    We have just started a new page on the Shopbot Wiki exclusively for information regarding the use of the Shopbot in school systems ! Here is the URL :
    Please feel free to add your thoughts, plans, projects, pictures, etc. as we really want to try and generate enough material to give us a little "clout"when it comes time for regional districts to start developing a curriculum for their technology programs.
    The page is brand new, and it needs content, so please take a few minutes, and write up a short description of HOW you, and your district, are using your Shopbot...Thanks!

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    We use tabletop alphas in two of our middle school labs in Forsyth County, north of Atlanta. Our goal is to introduce CNC technology and demonstrate the application of math and science. We begin by teaching very basic CAD using AutoSketch, an AutoDesk product. Weíre exploring ways to use SolidWorks to create 3D tool paths as well.

    Our curriculum is self directed and includes a custom tutorial on the use of Part Wizard to create very basic signs. Itís one of the most popular projects Iíve done in nearly 30 years.
    We use melamine, because itís cheap, and the kids donít seem to care how ugly it is.
    Weíve also used some Trex but only for special projects due to cost.

    Iíve noticed that teachers use machines for which curriculum exists. Previous experience, at the high school level, taught me the need for curriculum that meets very specific needs. We used our PRT, in Ohio, to cut everything from sleds to beach chairs and even a few campaign signs for local tax levies. We built a high mileage vehicle annually and the hubs that supported our sprockets were a required project. While simple it taught tool pathing using Vector to create paths from AutoCad drawings.

    Every teacher has his or her own interests and style of teaching. In addition the only successful endeavors Iíve been around were teacher driven. Iím not sure how to ever create a set of resources (tutorials) that would be used. Iíve successfully trained several teachers helping them assemble and gain some basic knowledge. Past successes with teachers involved customized training that is normally cost prohibitive. There are 5 machines in Ohio and Forsyth that are being used due to comprehensive training.

    Schools may never represent the majority of ShopBotís bottom line but training would help ensure successful use of machines. AutoDesk and Pro E, for example, both provide training and school discounts because they want students training on their product.
    Cabinet and sign shops will buy equipment that employees have experience with in school. Invest in teacher training through the use of a scholarship program and tie high expectations to your investment.

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