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Thread: VFD Mounting Location

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    Default VFD Mounting Location

    Our ShopBot is on the truck headed to our shop right now and I'm trying to prepare for assembly. I have been using a bot at TechShop in Chandler for awhile now and was wondering if there is a reason the VFD is mounted with so much protruding out from the side of the machine?

    Any reason not to mount it recessed so the face of the VFD is flush with the face of the control box and machine framing?

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    My VFD is mounted on the wall by my Shopbot

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    I saw no reason to mount it protruding so mine is under the table, inset about 2" from the face of the aluminum extrusion. The supplied brackets don't work so I made my own. Works fine.

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    Great, that's what I was thinking. I will likely mount as shown in the assembly guide and then adjust once I'm tired of bumping into it and have some spare time.

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