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Thread: Use of ShopBot in high school woodworking program

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    Jay, see the little
    3249.gif icon on each post? It is an "Edit" button, and gives you 30 minutes to fix the OOPS'es

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    Just for the fun of it, here are some shots of a trebuchet that I built several years ago (before my ShopBot). The design was in a "Fine Woodworking" magazine article. It measures approx. 20" x 20" at the base and 32" high (uncocked). The weight box has approx. 7lbs of lead wheel weights in it. It will fling a cherry tomato 70-80 feet. We had an over abundance of cherry tomatoes when I finished it and I was flinging them off a picnic table at my wife while she was crusing back and forth with the riding lawn mower.
    All in fun of course! She could dodge the bullets better than I could lead the shot.


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    That is pretty darn neat, if I don't say so myself. I'll have to dig around in the garage and see if I can find the cataplut that I helped my son build. It was before my bot, as well. We could really create one now! When thinking trebuchet, I was thinking of a dirt dredging machine. I was looking the other day at syringe hydraulic arms that students had build. Pretty fancy ones.

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