Saving Time Tip: Adding Tools and Shopbot Post Process to Cloud Library

Came across this useful time saving tip for those AutoDesk Fusion 360 users wanting a simplified workflow for outputting to the Shopbot using cloud libraries. This allows you to access just your Shopbot Bits and Post Processor from any AutoDesk Fusion 360 computer without having to look at all the other unneeded options.

Turn on Cloud Libraries for CAM
AutoDesk Fusion 360 > Upper Right Corner > Username > Preferences > General > CAM > Turn on Enable Cloud Libraries

Copy your Shopbot Router Tools into your Cloud Library
AutoDesk Fusion 360 > CAM Workspace > Manage > Tool Library
You should see a library for Cloud, and you can use +[] icon for New tool library to create your own Shopbot cloud library. You can now use the new mill tool (+drill icon) to create your shopbot bits or simply drag them from your local library into your cloud library.

Copy your Shopbot Processor into your Cloud Library
AutoDesk Fusion 360 > CAM Workspace > Action > Post Process
In the Post Process window click on Setup and verify "Use Cloud Posts" is an option. Go ahead and choose "Use Generic Posts" to find the default installed post processors. In Post Configuration find "Shopbot.cps - Shopbot OpenSBP" and then look above at the configuration folder's pathname. Do a select all and copy the file pathname to the Shopbot.cps file. Switch to Windows Explorer and paste the pathname. Verify you can see your Shopbot.cps file. Select it and choose copy (or copy it to your desktop temporarily).

You'll now need to log into your A360 account. Easiest is to hit the Windows Logo Key on your keyboard and type A360. Select A360 Desktop. It should open logged in, but if not login with your Autodesk credentials (same as Fusion 360). You should see your Fusion 360 account with several CAM folders. Open CAMPosts and choose paste (or drag from your desktop the Shopbot.cps file). You have now added your Post Proccesor to your Cloud library. Make note of the file's modified date. Periodically goto: and search on Shopbot to see what the latest version posted is.

Now you in the Post Process window you should be able to choose setup and choose cloud posts and just have the ShopBot.cps as your default Post Processor.

Post Process Dialog.jpg