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    Default Big Bot had a baby bot...

    ....a funny looking little blue/silver one!

    All parts, aluminum and 1.125" MDF, were cut on a PRS Alpha. As the finished piece in the video shows, it's running with the new wireless FabMo/G2 system that is now being used on the latest HandiBot tools.

    The new G2 motion control is very nice and as you can see in the following videos, 3D relief files also run quick and efficiently.

    Rather than going through the whole build process here, you can read more about it here and see more pictures and videos. Not much activity there, but you can come back here if you have any question/comments.

    The new FabMo/G2 system will be something to keep your eye on as it continues to evolve and move from the HandiBots on to other tools in the SB line!

    I've got more to do with the little thing as time permits, so I'm sure it will continue to evolve as well.
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