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Thread: Student Projects

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    I assure you it works even with minumal expenditure. The extra's make it nicer but the basic works just fine.

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    We bought the benchtop Shopbot, the smallest one available. It is all I had room for. I've been able to do any project that has come up so far. The people at Shopbot were very helful in helping me decide just which accessories I really needed.

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    Nice to see that not all shops are shutting the doors and turning into computer labs. Incorporating newer technologies into the traditional woods courses is a great way to go.

    We have a fairly new ShopBot in our Technology Education Department at the University of Idaho. So far we've incorporated it into Communication Technology, CNC/Robotics, Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, and Construction Technology courses.

    Email me at and I'll share whatever information I have for set-up and use of the ShopBot in general and in a classroom setting.

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    I am wondering if anyone near Dubuque, Iowa would be willing to let me see their shop bot. I am considering buying one for my Ind. Tech. program.

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