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Thread: Using the Shopbot to create a C02 Dragster

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    We've cut some cars but have always struggled with fixtures. A friend of mine in Ohio had a fixture sold with another CNC (Techno I think?) that I'd planned to copy but I relocated to Georgia and never followed up.
    We did cut parts of cars but never really did any 3d work. We own Solid Works and plan to do cars soon. I'll try to send a picture of how we approached the project soon.

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    Hi Wendell,
    I am curious to know if you have done any of the Solid Works C02 cars that you referenced above? I have kind of looked into the F1 in schools challenge and it seems as a practical application of the shopbot in a school although may be very difficult with my current level of skills and abilities!

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    We will be making the conversion from AutoCAD LT to Solidworks next school year. Did any of these projects turn out? We have a lot of car blanks in storage and this looks like a cool idea.


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    I am no further than what is posted here. Kinda had to walk away for awhile. Have you pursued anything yet?

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