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Thread: What is a V-Groove Bit in Fusion 360?

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    Angry What is a V-Groove Bit in Fusion 360?

    V-Carve has a good sense of what a V-Groove Bit is when you choose Engrave options and see "V-Bits" as a tool type.

    In Autodesk Fusion 360 it isn't so clear. In the CAM space when I choose 2D, Engrave I get asked for a tool type. I had originally defined my Whiteside V-Groove Bit #1500 as a Counter Sink, but when I choose an engrave path using it I get a tool error. I'm going to redefine the tool as a Chamfer Mill to get around the error message, but I don't get the sense that a V-Groove Bit for Engraving is really a Chamfer Mill tool.

    Has anyone done engraving using Fusion 360 figured out how to define and use V-Groove Bits?



    ToolPath V-Groove Bit.jpg

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    To deal with the surprising lack of Vee bits, I created a tool from scratch and saved it in my personal library of tools after entering in all its dimensions carefully. You can start with a chamfer mill which is probably the closest thing in the Autodesk library right now (Sept 2016).

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    I recently came by a comment from another user of Fusion that defined his V bits with from a countersink type of bit with a zero size tip (or whatever tip size you have).

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    Yes, moving to Fusion 360 from v-carve for engraving was frustrating. I have made a screencast video with my technique to get acceptable results. I'm grateful they finally added the engraving toolpath, it was nearly impossible before that.

    Link to video:

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