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Thread: E-Cabinet Systems (free 3-D CAD software)

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    Default E-Cabinet Systems (free 3-D CAD software)

    I recently picked up this software, I need to spend more time with it but, after reading the book that comes with it, I'm intrigued.
    If you are familiar with it I'd like to read your opinion.
    If you not familiar with this product I think it's worth the time to take a look at it. The software makes it very easy to draw cabinets, estimate costs, create parts and material lists and cutting layouts for plywood. It will also produce CNC cut files for their equipment. Even without using the CNC cut eature this is a very useful piece of software.

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    Unfortunately, the cut file output can only be performed on a Thermwood. The Thermwood actually does the file conversion to a cut file at the machine. I have spent a few hours trying to make this software usable for a Shopbot without success.

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    I realize that the output from Ecabinets can't be used on a Shopbot. I think it would be beneficial to expose our students to the capabilities of systems possible with software such as Ecabinets. I believe they are more likely to find machines like Thermwood in an industrial setting than a Shopbot. In any event the opportunity is there to pick up high end cabinet design software for free and have students work with it. If you are teaching CNC it's a great opportunity.

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