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Thread: Customizing the G-code

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    Default Customizing the G-code

    I got a question for you experts out there in ShopBotLand...

    I finally have the automatic toolchanger dialed in, and I'm able to use multiple tools in the same part file. Thank goodness!

    Now, the question that I have is this:
    Is there a way to customize the .sbp to raise the spindle to a safer z-height when traversing the table AFTER the SB has picked up the new tool? It wants to travel at the Z1 height, but most of the time I would rather have it travel at a higher z height to clear hold down clamps and stuff.

    What I have been doing is just going in and editing the g-code each time, but if there's a way to do it once and not have to worry about it every time, that would be awesome.
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    Attached is a sample .sbp...
    PRS Alpha 96" x 60"

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    You could change the Z1 and Z2 values in your design file, but that will affect travel between toolpath segments using the same tool as well. The other option is to modify your PP file to suit. Take a look at the Post Processor Editing Guide under Help in Vectric products.

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    There are a couple things you can do to keep extra clearance.

    1) The "ATC" file that is the toolchange routine uses the variable "&ATC_safeclear" (or similar) as a safe Z height during toolchange. You may be able to either ensure this is at the end of the file, or add it to the rapid section of the post processor to ensure that you bit stays at that height.

    2) Another way is to use the "SAFE_PLUNGE_TO_STARTZ" feature. This allows you to keep a high height for clearance during rapids, and then jogs the bit to the lower height just before cutting. Info on this is in the post processer editing guide under the help menu.
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