Light bulb just went off.

I think I now know what the difference is between the Post Processor option in Fusion 360 (and Inventor) of choosing ShopBot ISO vs OpenSBP.

ShopBot ISO is G-Code
ShopBot OpenSBP is a G-Code variant developed as an updated version of G-Code that is easier for humans to understand.

I was troubleshooting some post processor output problems with Fusion 360 toolpaths not turning on the spindle on the ShopBot.

My project simulates fine in Fusion 360. I downloaded CNCcookbook's G-Code Wizard Editor to see if it could show me what the problem was. I found it couldn't read OpenSBP files, but discovered it reads Shopbot ISO files fine.

Probably obvious to most on here, but for anyone else struggling to understand the difference I thought I'd post it here in hopes of helping them on the Fusion 360 to ShopBot learning curve.

Ok, back to figuring out why V-Carve inserts the spindle speed up commands correctly and Fusion 360's post processor doesn't.

ISO vs OpenSBP.jpg