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    Pete Meacham (Unregistered Guest) Guest

    Default Shopbot at Work

    Just wanted to offer my congratulations to Matt Barinholtz and the Covenant House team, in Washington, DC for being a featured item in a Short Cuts article in the March 2004 Wood Magazine. It looks like the disavantaged teens are putting the ShopBot to good use.

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    Matt Barinholtz, Covenant House Washington D.C. (Unregistered Guest) Guest


    Pete -

    Thanks for the congrats! We were proud to have made a great connection with WOOD Magazine at the ShopBot Jamboree last year, and were so excited last October to recieve a call from them when they expressed interest in writing a brief article about our program. Because of the article, we have received several calls this week wanting to know about how our program was established, how we developed our curriculum and products, and "what is that blue machine the students are standing in front of?" - and have been given some donations of locally sawn hardwoods.
    The image that is included in the Short Cuts section features several of our students with toddler chairs made on the 'Bot.

    We are proud of our Artisans, our ShopBot, and the incredible support and attention we have recieved over the past several years from the ShopBot community. Thanks for your praise, your generosity, and for and keeping our students in your thoughts. They deserve all the positive attention they can get!


    The Artisans, Matt Barinholtz and Larry Gold
    Covenant House Washington, D.C.
    (202) 610-6519

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    Scott Smith (Unregistered Guest) Guest


    The blue machine pictured in “Wood” caught my eye also. I was going to bring it to the forum’s attention but Pete beet me to it by 9 days.
    Great job, congratulations, Scott

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    Matt Barinholtz, Covenant House Washington, D.C. (Unregistered Guest) Guest


    Thanks very much,. Scott!
    I really need to explain a little of the back story - if there's any reason to go to the Jamboree, it's the networking. We were lucky to be able to put some faces to the names we see streaming past on the forum, and since ShopBot is a regular advertiser in WOOD, we were also able to speak with the advertising sales rep who was on hand. Their most recent ad in CWB magazine, I must add, is pretty impressive - over 3000 machines across the globe - sounds like it's time to do some distributed shopbotting! Harness the power of the distributed cutting network!

    Anyway, thanks for noticing - we had submitted a few photos with the 'bot more prominently placed, but they chose the one with everybody in front of it.

    Please feel free to mail us at artisans(-at-)chdc(.dot.)org - we'll get you a copy of the article. Or, better yet - pick uo a copy - it's on newsstands now! WOOD has recently been presenting "family" woodworking - stuff to do with young and old alike - we like to see more young woodworkers in the media!

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