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Thread: Who Made this file?

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    Default Who Made this file?

    I saved this pic from somewhere and wondered if someone here made this? If so can you tell me how you finished it, what you used to color the letters, finish ,ect?
    I have someone who wants me to make one similar but i really am not good at finishes so give me as much detail as possible.

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    I'm just guessing from similar plaques I've made.
    Red oak, v-carved and painted in with black paint. Then sanded and a poly to protect it.

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    Here are a couple of threads on that kind of finishing Jack.
    Might save you some aggravation.
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    Looks like Santa Claus did it or his elves

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    I have found that the paint tends to leech into the grain and pores of most woods..... so I seal the wood after machining (before painting), with a couple coats of clear sealer. Once this has cured, I paint with spray paint for the recesses that I want to retain color. Let THAT cure... then gently sand down the high areas around the recesses. Recoat with sealer of choice and steel wool, sand, buff ( whatever your chosen method of getting a nice, smooth, awesome feel)...

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