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Thread: 3d Carving help

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    I'm just also going to throw this out there for what its worth...

    My computer running my bot is older. AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 986MHz. Ram is just under 2 gigs. Running SB3 on Windows Media Center Edition 2002. I don't connect it to the internet. And I don't have any programs on it other than Cabinet Parts Pro, PartWorks 3.5, and Partworks 3D. All of which are closed when running parts.
    Nate Sirek

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    Shopbot 48 x 96 PRT Alpha
    220v 18000 RPM HSD Spindle
    4 Zone Vacuum Table, 7hp Spencer Re-Gen Blower
    Cabinet Parts Pro

    10 Years Experience in a cabinet and counter top fabrication shop. CNC Newbie.

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    I've never heard of the Window version you mention but that's just me. The favorite for years was XP and probably hard to find now. Some people on the forum have reported using Windows 7 and 8 with good luck.

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