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Thread: Milling Vise options

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmos275 View Post
    I use this one. I made a base so I can get it on off the table quickly.
    How do you mount it to the table? What do you mean by the "base" that you made? Also, how are you squaring it on the table?

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    in response to a few of the posts.

    1. I've made 6 or more (in a couple of sizes) with a variety of jaw types to suit. and use them often. in fact, one is left on my table except when i need the room.
    2. I mount to the table in a couple of ways. First, I've milled pockets on both sides of the vise and use my t-bolt hold-downs. Next, I've drilled top to bottom thru the sides and insert a t-bolt into a t-track below.
    3. I tram the vise (when it makes a difference) just like I tram a fence (using one of the methods others have written up at length).

    Good Luck.

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