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Thread: 3D Probe - issues with stylus deflection

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    Default 3D Probe - issues with stylus deflection

    We need to verify that some 3D parts are built "as drawn", and thought the answer was to buy the digitizing probe and use it to take a point cloud of points off of the part and compare to the original CAD.

    Unfortunately high accuracy is required, and we're finding that on any part with a significant slope to it that the stylus is deflecting to the side prior to the red light indicating that it has registered the dimension. So we're inaccurate in x/y/z. Problem. Also a problem that diameter of the stylus isn't accounted for automatically (and it on a slope it hits on the edge rather than in the center).

    Any help or tips here? Other than saying to go out and get it laser scanned...

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    OK, no digital scan. FaroArm
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    Why not get the FARO with the blue laser scanner and generate a color map? Unless .003in isn't good enough.

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