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Thread: "re-calculate" area clear toolpath

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    Default "re-calculate" area clear toolpath

    (Possibly impossible)

    Area clear many times has lots of meaningless dashes and specks of tooling that cut nothing adding to the tool time.

    Goal: "edit" the tool path by deleting small chippy tooling and update that tool path by "re-saving" or "re-calcuating" in some way.

    Resaving - makes no difference. The original tooling never changes or updates. "save as", renaming, etc.

    Recalculating - "re-area clears" , thus treating my toolpath as a vector.

    Only solution so far is copying the tool path and changing to "cut along vector". This allows the new path to recognize the deleted small parts of the toolpath.

    WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? very new (6 months) to ArtCam.

    thank you in advance,

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    If this is a pocketing tool path Change your step over to an odd number. Ex: 61% not 60%
    That is how you fix it in Aspire.
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    So, changing a value, might require the path to be re-evaluated thereby saving over the existing toolpath? it's an area clear, not a pocketing.

    Wondering if what I'm missing is toolpaths are sequences of events. Just deleting a part of the generated tool path would require rewriting the entire sequence. Is this the issue you are fixing with this work around?

    the time I've spent today attempting to figure this out would have been much better spent watching my cnc doodle all over the table cutting "air".

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    What version and release of Artcam do you have?
    If you care to send me your art file I can have a look at it after work today.
    Dave (at) DRconstructionmanagement (dot) com

    You also may want to register as a verified user on the Artcam forum.

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