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Thread: How might I change the position of a piece from a G-code file in SB3?

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    Default Start point

    There are a number of advantages of using the center point of the material as the starting point of the cut files. Say on a 20X30 inch piece the start point would 10,15

    It is difficult to get lost with this method.

    Of course you still cannot mount the material 90 degrees the wrong way....
    The decimal point seems to be the most important on the z axis... x & y not so much....
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    Glad you got it figured out. Fiddling with z depth can also be a valuable tool. Say you cut a 3d in one pass and its a little too fuzzy for your taste. In a safe location you can move your z to say -.03, press "ZZ", and rerun the file to clean up the part.

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    That's cool, thanks! I love learning these kinds of tips.
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    A lot of times, simply running the toolpath again will reduce sanding to almost nothing.
    I'm lazy and hate to sand, and ruin fine details, and I learned that here on forum
    If you have any tearout, or mucked up settings a little, then Recutting deeper like Dave said can rescue a piece.
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