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Thread: IKEA cubicle door hack, 3D oval dragon in leopardwood

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    Default IKEA cubicle door hack, 3D oval dragon in leopardwood

    My first 3D project, making an IKEA cubicle door (13x13 inches) inset for a family member who loves dragons. The cheap IKEA door had minor chipping from the profiling operation, so I made the inset a bit larger and then rabbeted (on my router table) the underside so it would 'overhang' the chipping/cover it up.

    Done in an ~ 8 inch wide leopardwood board (I thought the spots had a reptile look) 0.87 thick

    Finished with polywipe and paste wax with all the attendant brushing/buffings

    Almost a shame to put exotic wood in the IKEA osb door, but the door is 'turnkey' for his cubicle system, and I'm still a beginner in woodworking (1 year) and CNC (a few months). Even solving all the problems was fun, pia moments notwithstanding.

    The photo was taken in sunlight, hence the shadow cast from 9 o'clock to 2 o'clock onto the IKEA door
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