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Thread: Bot stops moving, PC thinks everything is OK

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    Default Bot stops moving, PC thinks everything is OK

    I've been plagued with an issue for about 6 months now and it's getting worse.
    2006 PRT Alpha with HSD 4HP Spindle 1PH
    Dell Latitude notebook (830 I believe) with W7 not online.

    This has only occurred while hot, i.e. the machine has been up and running at least an hour or so, not a continuous job but multiple 20-30 minutes jobs. In a job the machine will stop and the spindle will shutdown. The bot is locked in place as if sitting idle. The PC, meanwhile, is still running the job as if nothing has happened. To get it working again I have to close the software, powercycle the bot itself and run the software again. Then it works until the next event. If I don't close the software and just shutdown the machine I get a lost comm error which is basically what you would expect if you turned off the machine before the software is closed.

    Work so far:
    I have replaced the relays, the USB dongle, the USB cable, the USB hub, cleaned the PC and checked it out (it's offline, hasn't had an update applied in years) I have checked every connector twice.

    Suggestions so far are
    1) ground the machine to prevent static build up. Well... it's grounded but heck, I'll pull everything out and re-wire it with a new sub-panel if need be.
    2) replace the notebook that's been running it for 5+ years. Obviously "easier" than option 1, I'll try this first.

    Other ideas? Advice? Hints?

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    1) I always question the USB abilities of Dell branded computers
    2) What is the USB suspend setting? (Control panel, Power Settings, USB)
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    Do some basic troubleshooting to determine if issue with Bot or computer.

    Trying running it off another computer for a while and see if issue repeats. If it does, then you can narrow troubleshooting down to the Bot. If it does not, put original computer back and see if problem comes back.

    You mention "while hot" do you mean that something is getting hotter than normal, or just that you mean it's been running a while? Be sure to check the fans in the computer, they act as mini air filters when running, sucking the dirty shop air in and can quickly clog the fans and cause system to overheat. Make sure they are still running and running at good speed. If a CPU gets too hot, lots of weird things can happen.
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