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Thread: Poor Chip Clearance in Slots

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    Oh ya, I remember now running a desktop with bad bearings.
    Have you tried push it after you got it fixed?
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    Luckily, most of the CNC-centric stuff on my current set of builds got done, so I haven't had much to throw on there and try and push it. Once I knock out all this stupid sanding work I have to do I'll hopefully find more time to get back to it and mess around.

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    Alright, so new tests running 2-flute bits faster. Not apples-to-apples since I snapped my only up-cut straight bit at the very start of this test (don't ask). So this was a down-cut 2-flute that came in the Desktop Starter package. However, seeing as it's downcut that explains why the chips in this .75" slot, even on the faster runs with better chipload, aren't very large... they got re-churned up on subsequent passes. That said, watching them come off they looked nicer in the faster passes.

    Top: 2 ips (.005 chip)
    Middle: 2.5ips (.00625 chip)
    Bottom: 3ips (.0075 chip)

    I wouldn't call any of the resulting channels as nice as the super O single flute... but you can definitely see a reduction in "hairs" in the channel as things went faster.

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