04 Prt Standard with 4G upgrade
Prt V4.17 Control board.

Problem. Few weeks ago our Prt wouldn't connect. Called Shopbot replaced network card. When the machine is operating properly there are 3 lights on your network card. One is solid to show power to card, one goes solid when computer boots up, and one will blink every about 8 seconds when connection is made. Ok well since cooler weather has arrived we cannot get an immediate connection with the control box on a cold start...we must leave it on in the cabinet and let it warm up about 3 hours. In order to get a connection We would turn if off..count to ten..turn control box on and open program..worked. Dont judge me. But we began leaving it on overnight so we could fire up first thing. Worked great for awhile. then one day machine got a little jerky..missing steps. Checked my network card lights. Power...Solid Green...Computer Booted...Solid Green....But the one that blinks every 8 secs is flickering but will go solid when machine is in motion then back to flickering. Called Tech support. went in reset shopbot values ect ect. Worked well for a day started jerking again. Talked to Tech Support got suspicious of power supplies. Our Meanwell puts out 43.9 volts. Atx 5 volts on red wire but only 8 volts on yellow. Atx 250 GU (p4) power supply and Meanwell SP-300-48 are both DC'd. Any suitable substitute models. Going to replace both while I'm in there. Found a MeanWell sp-320-48 specs look the same...has anyone used this model #. ATX-250-GU is one thats really got me stumped. Is there anything I'm missing. All replies thankfully welcomed. What does the (P4) mean on the atx model number?